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2 Intallation - Reference Documentation

Authors: Igor Artamonov (igor@artamonov.ru)

Version: 0.17

2 Intallation

2.1 Installation

Install plugin

Basically it's just adding dependency into `BuildConfig.groovy`:

plugins {
    compile ">>

Or, if you're using a new Spring Security Core 2.x, you have to use following dependency instead:

plugins {
    compile ">>

and calling (optional) configuration wizards by:

grails s2-quickstart //configure Spring Security Core
grails s2-init-facebook //configure Spring Security Facebook

Or you can edit `Config.groovy` instead, see Configuration section.

Follow Basic Usage guide for next steps.

2.2 Upgrade Notice

Upgrading from version 0.9

Since version 0.10 plugin have started to use Server Side authentication by default, instead of Client Side authentication (based on Facebook JS SDK) that was default implementation for version 0.9 and earlier.

If you want to continue using Client Side authentication, you should add following configuration into Config.groovy:


Upgrading from version 0.15.x

Version 0.16 requires a Spring Security Core 2.0, you need to upgrade to it first.

See Filters guide for details.