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6 Common Issues - Reference Documentation

Authors: Igor Artamonov (igor@artamonov.ru)

Version: 0.17

6 Common Issues

Please enable logging

If you have troubles with plugin, please enabled logging, so you can see what's happening:

log4j = {
  debug 'com.the6hours', 'grails.app.taglib.com.the6hours'

Client side authentication don't work on dev server

Make sure that you're using a real domain name for your application. Not a localhost, because Facebook can't setup cookie for localhost, and avoid .local domains as well.

You can make a fake domain like myapp.dev, by putting into /etc/hosts the following line:  myapp.dev
If you already have line starting with, just add your myapp.dev at the end of the line.

See more details about hosts file, and location of the file for different operation systems see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_(file)

After that, you should configure your Grails app to use this domain, by adding following line into Config.groovy:

grails.serverURL = "http://myapp.dev:8080/${appName}"

Of course, you need to use this domain only for development, so put this configuration into development environment config:

environments {
    development {
      grails.serverURL = "http://myapp.dev:8080/${appName}"

Logout doesn't work for Transparent filter

"transparent" filter always authorize request that contains FB cookie. If you need to log out current user when using this type of filter, you need to log out user on client side, call FB.logout() (will logout user from Facebook as well) and reload the page.